Forest Smoothie® can be found anywhere Food & Drink is sold such as a cafe, a restaurant, a smoothie bar, a retail store, a sports stadium, a cinema, a company cafeteria, a university campus, a hotel or an airplane! Whether you're in the air, on the ground or online, you can drink the World's First Reforestation Smoothie. Just look out for the Forest Smoothie® name and logo, and you will plant a tree with your purchase!


At the current rate of deforestation, the world’s tropical rainforests will be gone by the end of the century. So Forest Smoothie® came up with an original idea to help consumers save our planet! 


  • Forests are vital to stop climate change, they absorb 9 billion tons of CO2 a year and play an important role in regulating the world’s weather.


  • Forests are home to 80% of the world’s terrestrial plants & animals and with the oceans create the ecosystem which all human life depends on.


  • Forests are home to 60 million indigenous people, some of whom are ‘uncontacted’ tribes whose wisdom cultures have developed over tens of thousands of years.


  • Forests are natures pharmacy with 70% of medicines deriving from plants.


  • Trees bring nutrition and stability to soil protecting it from desertification and erosion.


  • Trees filter pollution from the air and produce 30% of the oxygen we breathe. 

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Forest Smoothie® plants and protects trees with their NGO partners, The Orangutan Project based in Sumatra, The Borneo Nature Foundation based in Central Borneo and Sekolah Adat a school for Indigenous Dayak children based in West Borneo. Their projects take a wholistic approach and use the best of modern science & indigenous wisdom to protect the 3rd largest tropical rainforest on the planet!