Forest Smoothie® can be found anywhere Food & Drink is sold such as a cafe, a restaurant, a smoothie bar, a retail store, a sports stadium, a cinema, a company cafeteria, a university campus, a hotel, or an airplane! Whether you're in the air, on the ground, or online, you can drink the World's First Reforestation Smoothie. Just look out for the Forest Smoothie® name and logo, and you will plant a tree with your purchase!

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Save Our Planet

At the current rate of deforestation, the world's tropical rainforests will be gone by the end of the century. So Forest Smoothie® came up with an original idea to help consumers save our planet! 

Forest Smoothie

Forest Smoothie® plants and protects trees with their NGO partners, The Orangutan Project based in Sumatra, The Borneo Nature Foundation based in Central Borneo, and Sekolah Adat a school for Indigenous Dayak children based in West Borneo. Their projects take a holistic approach and use the best of modern science & indigenous wisdom to protect the 3rd largest tropical rainforest on the planet!

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Forests are vital to stop climate change, they absorb 9 billion tons of CO2 a year and play an important role in regulating the world's weather.

Forests are home to 80% of the world's terrestrial plants & animals and the oceans create the ecosystem on which all human life depends. 

Forests are home to 60 million indigenous people, some of whom are 'uncontacted' tribes whose wisdom cultures have developed over tens of thousands of years.

Forests are nature's pharmacy with 70% of medicines deriving from plants.

Trees bring nutrition and stability to soil protecting it from desertification and erosion.

Trees filter pollution from the air and produce 30% of the oxygen we breathe.